Pam Cutler

My watercolour and gouache paintings explore fluid line and vibrant colour. I also work with mixed media, sculpture and different types of print-making, including stone lithography. My current paintings are based on the figure in movement and I am also inspired by the natural world and the effects of light in landscapes both in the UK and abroad.

After completing a Fine Art degree at Kingston, I participated in group exhibitions in London and contributed to various Public Art projects. I took a degree in the History of Art at London University and taught portraiture and sculpture in adult education.

With a PGCE, I taught Art in secondary schools. I was interested in developing the artistic creativity of deaf and special needs children and became Head of Art in a school for dyslexic children. In 2004, Barrington Stokes commissioned me to write a series of accessible Art books on major movements of Art.

Walking in the Kent countryside and along the beautiful coastline has inspired recent work and I use photography to capture my observations of landscape and the natural world. I continue to deepen my understanding of the human form through life drawing and my practice of Yoga and Tai Chi.