Kate Baker

A mosaic book she read in 1997 sparked a hobby, followed by an advanced mosaic masterclass 15 years later. It was to catalyst her into small business ownership as Kate Baker mosaic muse; her focus.. making original designs in mosaic and glass fusion art.

Her visual and tactile mosaics cleverly re-purpose ‘discarded’ and ‘unloved’ items, and added with her skill of hand cutting and fusing glass, plus utilising conventional mosaic materials, and the style of picque assiette, Kate is able to make unique and colourful mosaics with a past history but new messages.

Kate draws rich inspiration from Nature, living in Deal, Kent. Beatriz Milhazes, David Hockney, Monet, Klimt and Sir David Attenborough inspire her work, which she ensures has a textural vibrancy whilst incorporating flow and movement.

She considers commissions for private individuals and groups, as well as delivering mosaic and glass fusion beginner workshops to individuals, groups and small corporate teams. She also enjoys being a working tenant with a customer facing role in many collective retail/ pop-up shop/ art group and fair/ exhibitions.

Her work is in private collections throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, Asia, Canada and New Zealand.

Instagram: @mosaicchic


(+44) 755-5996937

RUDY ROBIN a commission piece.
BOOBIE BETTY Lockdown1 artistic response
MEADOW INTROSPECTIVE MAGIC a Kate Baker fabric design, based on original mosaic.
AGAPANTHUS Beach Hut mosaic
LOVE WALMER glass fusion and wire postcard art
A Collection of Kate Baker mosaic muse Chunky Ceramics Hearts.
I See You
Wren and Leaf glass fusion brooch and 925 silver wire drop earrings (with decal features).