David C White

Potter, Tutor Ceramic Artist

Welcome to a brief biography of me, David White. Over forty years I have made various types of ceramics since I graduated from Ravensbourne College in 1962.

I thoroughly enjoyed the four years on that sculpture and ceramics BA course. There were extensive facilities then to use various media; clay, welded steel, bronze casting and stone carving.

On leaving Ravensbourne I completed a post graduate Art Teacher Diploma at Leicester which left me suitably positioned to begin teaching and to making ceramics to sell.

I developed a range of pottery thrown ware and sold it locally very successfully, often in craft shows or pottery party’s. The sculpture was created as handbuilt pieces using a coarse gritty clay, crank. I’ve also enjoyed many successful exhibitions in libraries, galleries and Open Studios.

My work has shifted as tastes and outlets develop. For a time I made production runs of commemorative mugs and pieces for English Heritage, tourist information centres and the occasional wedding. Jules Holland’s was one with 30 medieval jugs to adorn the venue at Cooling Castle.

My present work has two paths. I’ve developed a series of dishes depicting either swifts or mackerel. It’s quite intricate with various stages of decoration using coloured slips fired at stoneware temperature of 1280°C in my gas kiln. I am also making new sculptures of landscapes for Open Studios. I am enjoying participating in the Deal Festival and responding to live music with my ceramics.