Cherry Tewfik

I find the process of throwing enormously rewarding and exciting. I fire in a gas, electric and raku kiln, which give me constant headaches, mingled with delight. I throw stoneware and porcelain decorative and domestic ware, with gold, glass and oxide inlays, scraffito and coloured slips and clays.
My recent pots are rotund and elongated, voluptuous raku forms which have developed into ceramic heads and bodies.
These earthenware, porcelain, stoneware and raku ‘Philosophers’ are presented as thoughtful groups that relate to each other. Their colourful, ovoid, minimalist, forms celebrate diversity and humanity and the links between us all. I use these to encourage vocabulary with groups of children with communication difficulties, the most recent of which have ben displayed at the Turner Gallery in Margate and Affordable Art in Battersea.
I have run a community ceramics project in the Canterbury Festival called the Canterbury Throwdown for the past 3 years, assisted by some 50-60 Kent potters which has given hundreds of newcomers a welcome opportunity to make a pot for free.

pouring bowls
spotty jug
Horsehair raku dish
Raku bottle
candle holder
rainbow h8