Josie Harvey

I have always had a huge passion for art and now am lucky to have the time to devote to it after many years of teaching in further and higher education.

Originally I am from Northampton, but have lived and worked in many parts of England including Harrogate, Sutton Coldfield and Holmfirth. After being landlocked all my life, I moved to Walmer on the Kent coast three years ago and was immediately inspired by the stunning seascapes and the beautiful coastal settings. These have been the basis for many of my creative projects.

I enjoy painting local coastal scenes and landscapes in watercolours. My latest project is a commission of a local building using this medium. Over recent years, my work has encompassed collaborating with local school children and adults in painting a commemorative banner for the new Kent Mining Museum. Recently, I have working alongside a specialist movement teacher to capture her own choreography. Much of this work has been portrayed using pastels and ink linocuts.

The Beach Walmer in watercolour
A pastel sketch of Daisy Beau
Sarah exercising in lockdown
Will taking a work call
Sarah and Lee working from home
Whitstable harbour in watercolour
Lockdown garden
The three dancers in pastel