Diane Barrett

I have never been formally trained as an artist.
I have always had an artistic flair and taken several craft courses over the years.
In 2008 I took a beginners course in fused glass at Creative Glass in Rochester and I got hooked straight away.

I went on to purchase a kiln and have been experimenting ever since.
I’ve taken a few courses to learn different techniques and I have practised and learnt by my mistakes.

I am always looking to experiment, trying different ways of using glass.
My main work is with Bullseye Glass which I purchase from Creative Glass in Rochester, Warm Glass in Bristol, and Studio Glass in Wickford Essex.

My inspirations come from everywhere. I see something and think this could work in Glass, then give it a go.
My work is all abstract, I love it when it’s time to open my Kiln to see what I have achieved. I never tire of this experience.
After I retired from my job in 2013 I wanted to expand my hobby.

I joined SEAS Open Houses in 2017 to see if my work would sell to the public.
I enjoyed the experience and had a lot of encouragement from other SEAS members and the people that visited my house. Now having the opportunity to exhibit in Linden Hall Gallery is really exciting for me to see where this opportunity will lead.