Stephanie Fuller

Stephanie Fuller is an artist, both Australian and British, recently moved back permanently to the UK. Her expressionistic style is concerned with the Human Condition and our relationship to the natural world. Fuller studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Bath Academy, Norwich Life Room and Wimbledon School of Art where she developed her technical skills. Her early childhood development by the sea in a remote part of Western Australia gave the artist a sense of the natural world and her place in it that would be impossible to know now. Most of the artist’s work revolves around eco awareness, bringing people back to nature and making them aware that we are animals and all connected. Her creatures are people and her people are creatures.
Stephanie Fuller has exhibited and been collected by museums and private collectors around the world for the last three decades.

M 07484 177 086

White Cliffs of Dover Wild Flowers
Into the Silent Sea
Red Sunrise, Deal Pier
Yellow Murmurings
Passion Stung
Preternatural Sunset