Deirdre Kashdan

Deirdre Kashdan is an artist living and working in Deal, Kent.
She attained her BA Hons at the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury in 2002. She also has an M.A. in Education. Automatism refers to creating art without conscious thought, accessing material from the unconscious mind as part of the creative process. By allowing chance marks and textures to dictate the formation and direction of the work, she aims to depict the interior world of the psyche, and the elusive imagery of myth, dreams and fantasy. Printmaking is a vital element of her work, and her limited edition prints are made with different combinations of Monoprint, Etching, Drypoint and Chine Colle, a process which renders each individual print unique.

Inside Outside-Mixed media on board
When Will You Come Back -Drypoint with Chine Colle
Buried Deep-Etching with Chine Colle
When All Was still=Mixed Media on Board
Blue Sky Thinking- Drypoint with Watercolour
Missing You-Drypoint with Chine Colle
A Warmer Place-Mixed Media on Paper
Mindscape-Etching with Chine Colle