Contemporary painter exploring landscape as a place of conflict and the depiction of female experience. Widely exhibited nationally, collected in the UK and abroad and the recipient of a Juliet Gomperts painting bursary in 2012. Recent exhibitions include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Royal West of England Academy Open, The London Group Open, BEEP Wales Painting Prize exhibition and the ING Discerning Eye. Studio production also includes ceramics, surface design and upcycled, painted wooden artefacts.

kbaker Kate BAKER
07909 682147
Inspired by nature and love. Original bespoke mosaics and fusions.

Kate Baker is a mosaic and glass fusion artist from Deal, Kent. Influenced by Nature and its beauty, her visual and tactile work draws inspiration from picturesque landscapes and seascapes within her locality. Working in two mediums and utilising picque-assiette style her pieces have a vibrancy where incorporating texture, colour, flow and movement is key. Each piece you view is handmade; crafted with passion and individuality, so is totally unique.
Diane Barrett

Fused Glass

pbarry1 Patricia BARRY

Painter Textiles


Trained as a textile artist and worked in secondary education as an Art Teacher. In addition trained at Guys and St. Thomas’ University Medical School as an Art Psychotherapist, subsequently working with troubled children and young people using art as a medium to release inner turmoil. I am now a practising artist who mostly works in mixed media and watercolour.

pbearman Penny BEARMAN

Colourful oil paintings seen outside, the environment where they belong!


Painting, screenprinting

cbirbeck1 Christine BIRBECK

Painter / Textile Artist

pbolton Pamela Bolton
As a professionally qualified social biologist and subsequently
community engagement specialist what more can be done that is
environmentally friendly with a metal book, hessian and some old clothes?
Inspired by an interest in colourful art and design, Pamela Bolton has
hooked her way as a self taught fibre artist to produce a range of colourful
rugs and hangings. Pamela is now working with the local community extending
the medium of rag hooking to produce a greater range of uses for this fun,
addictive and engaging art.
tburnham Thomas BURNHAM

07763 982177

Trained Bath Academy of Art. Two
books published. Wide variety.

scarlyle Susan CARLYLE

07812 443789

Paintings + mixed media prints.
Inspired by Australian landscape/still life.

mcherry Martin CHERRY

87 Golf Road, Deal CT146QD
Graphics, typography, photography.

I have always had a love of the printed image. My earliest days I would have my head in a magazine or a newspaper transfixed by the type and photographs on the page. I studied lettering, typography and design at Medway College of Art but always had a love of photography and tried to combine all these forms together.

My natural route was magazine design and I joined a publishers in 1972 as promotions manager. I learnt my trade quickly under the guidance of some talented designers. I finally found my dream job in 1976 when I became art director for a London publishers allowing me to combine my love for typography and photography. Now, I have the time to follow my passion behind a Nikon camera and create images of my choice. The coastline offers exciting opportunities for the photographer whether it’s stormy clouds or images of Kent architecture or abstract composition.

jcowie John COWIE


I love colour. Some of my paintings are expressionist and some observational.

adavis Alan DAVIS

Painter & Printmaker

01304 375905

Colourful woodcut/oils reflecting both local heritage and ancient imagery.

ldavis Lynn DAVIS

07747 753542

pdavis Pauline DAVIS

Fine Art, Ceramics

07972 816596
In many ways I think my current interest and involvement in creating original but useful things has grown out of being a mother and a home maker. For years my focus was on enhancing the ambience and comfort of the home.

Starting a small neighbourhood craft group, prompted me look further afield for ideas, but with a particular emphasis on creative recycling. Much of what I make is transforming the redundant into something useful and hopefully beautiful. Currently one of my favourite materials is shrunken woollens which morph into a lovely felt material, great for waistcoats, bags, gloves, and my favourite, crazy hats.

I hope you enjoy looking at the things I have made and that they might give ideas to stimulate your own creativity.

jforeman Jim FOREMAN

Painting & Drawing

Figurative paintings and drawings. Mainly oils, prints and watercolours.

pfulton Patricia FULTON

Oil & acrylic painting

Working in oil & acrylic on canvas, subjects mainly animals and people.

lharding1 Liza HARDING

01304 239823

dharper Dominic HARPER

07702 788468
Painting and Photography

phwatkins Peter HAYES WATKINS
Painter and Illustrator

Impressions of walking through the English countryside, rendered in watercolour and gouache.



Watercolour Artist

khodder Kathryn HODDER


pjackson Penny JACKSON

Painter & Sculptor

mjohnson Marc JOHNSON
Enhanced photography and original music inspired by the sea views from Deal



Hand built Ceramics

klove Katharine LOVE

Textile Artist

Embroidered textiles, celebrating life by the seaside.

emachin Ellie MACHIN
Ceramics / Drawing

Potter using coloured terra siqillata to create unique sculptural pots.

jmcghee Jimmy McGHEE


dmishkin Diana MISHKIN
Painter in acryliic, watercolour, pen and wash, oils

mmishkin Mel MISHKIN

Woodcarver & Turner

craffan Caroline RAFFAN

Glass fusing & painting






Katryn SAQUI
esephton Elizabeth SEPHTON


Textiles artist/designer
tsummerfield Trevor SUMMERFIELD
Painter. Oil and watercolour

1969/..1971…Folkestone school of Art. graphic design. Britains Painters 1989 and 1990. Royal Society of British Artists. 1991 and 1998. United Society of Artists.1998 1999. Best in show. Master of Watercolour. also 2000. Deal Library one man show. plus numerous group exhibitions in East Kent. O.B.E. 2007. C.B.E. 2012. with SEAS past five years. A painter in watercolour, oil and acrylic.

mtedder Mike TEDDER
Painter / printmaker / mixed-media
Mixed media juxtaposition of dreams, realities and sensations from life.
07429 826212

Mike Tedder is a graduate of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, now based in Dover, with a passion for mixed-media collage, photography and design. His work is inspired by many stimuli such as a dream, an emotion, language, something suddenly remembered, a song, or the experience of a particular moment. Exploring a juxtaposition of reality, fantasy, aesthetic and sensation, he seeks to examine the transient moments of real life experiences within both shared and autobiographical contexts. He has been commissioned, published and has exhibited in solo/group events across the UK, Europe & North America.

luttley1 Laurence UTTLEY


Horsehair and Raku pottery.

nvowles Nicki VOWLS
Printmaker & Painter
Heroes from Deal and WW1 inspire my printmaking this year.

My work focuses on local heroes and their true stories, particularly lifeboatmen, and their rescues from the Goodwin Sands and the seas around the East Kent coast.
The textures and patterns that lino and woodcutting produce help to add
drama and danger to the images, and I have explored rescues from Victorian times through to the First and Second World Wars, including rescues by Kentish boats from the
beaches of Dunkirk.
Some of my work is printed and stitched onto old sailcloth, and co
mmemorates real heroes and their bravery.

More of my work can be seen at:

kwalls Kaye WALLS


Indoor and outdoor mosaics – a focus on mirrors.

dwhite David C. WHITE
Potter, Tutor Ceramic Artist

01304 363118

Human development & destruction of ecology. Ceramics.

mwilliams Marilyn WILLIAMS

Ceramics inspired by birds, boats, landscape and the sea.

mwinters Mollie WINTERS

Textile artist

cyates Caroline YATES

Oil paintings on canvas depicting crowds, identified by dress or uniform.