Sisza Arts in Space

Sisza Arts at Space Gallery, Folkestone
3rd – 21st october

A group show featuring work from
Annie Spencer-Smith
Rachel Spencer-Smith
Christian Dada & Phyllis

Annie is an artist who uses traditional darkroom photographic techniques to create mystical, ethereal works.
She sees traditional photographic methods as a print medium, more akin to etching or silk-screen printing than commercial, digital photography.
She explores the use of double exposure, lith printing, hand colouring and other techniques to enhance her images.
All her artworks are either unique or in small limited editions.

Rachel’s work is an affectionate, eclectic collection of parodies and a celebration of bad taste.
she draws influence from the past – hollywood screen sirens, baroque bling, stately home kitsch, etc. to create a mix of (somewhat dubious) historical facts and escapist imaginings.
To do this she uses a range of media and techniques including drawing, collage, photography, resin and anything else she finds to hand.
Her work is meant to be fun.
“I know a piece is finished if it makes me laugh”

Christian dada is an artist/philosopher. his work is in the mystic realist tradition that the english are particularly good at.
His normal painting practice is to work in acrylics with glazes and overpainting in oil. this technique, an update on the traditional methods of medieval times, brings a richness and depth to his work. He does not believe that paintings should necessarily be oblong or square and so many of his pieces are cut-outs.

Phyllis is a nart Critic and conisewer.
Her brilliant selection ‘a cabinet of phyllis’ consists of resin pieces and other artworks by some of the best exponents in the field. She, being an art expert (having read 2 books on the subject and being a regular watcher of BBC4) can vouch for that!

Space Gallery
7 The Old High Street
Folkestone, Kent CT20 1RJ
United Kingdom